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Rubrique permanente « Gestion du post-terrorisme » (mise à jour le 7 août

Complaint for a crime against humanity against Madame Dominique Bons, manager of the terrorism-mongering organization called “Syrien ne bouge agissons” (1), registered with the Prefecture of Toulouse, addressed by Michel Dakar to the Public Prosecutor in Toulouse

Villequier, on May 2nd, 2014

From: Michel Dakar
Route de Barre-y-va
76940 Villequier

To: the Public Prosecutor In Toulouse, Mr. Michel Valet

District Court of Toulouse
2, allée Jules Guesde B.P. 7015
31068 Toulouse Cedex

Registered Letter with Acknowledgment of Receipt # 1A 098 254 8145 2

Mister Public Prosecutor

This is to register a complaint before you as competent authority against Madame Dominique Bons, of Toulouse, manager of the terrorism-mongering
organization called “Syrien ne bouge agissons” which is registered with the Prefecture of Toulouse.

My interest in acting thus is as follows: my father’s family are Christian Syrians; part of them presently reside in Aleppo, a town which is occupied by terrorists that have been sent by the Western World leaders, including those of France, in order to overthrow the current Syrian regime, the only regime in all Arab countries that is still independent from the West.

The terrorists threaten members of my family because of their religious beliefs; their overall aim is to weed out of the Syrian population all Muslim non-believers, especially the followers of other religions.

Il is very well known that terrorists are sent into Syria from scores of countries (It is estimated that at least 40 and at most 80 countries are concerned, and that the overall number of terrorists is comprised somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000), and that these terrorists are recruited by special networks which have been put up by a complex integrating almost all the special services of the West, namely those of France, the U.K., Belgium, Italy, the U.S., Israel, as well as some non-Western special services from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (A list that is far from complete).

Il is also public knowledge that the said complex organizes the smuggling of terrorists from their original countries of recruitment into Syria, that it organizes them into bands, that it provides their financing, their equipment and weapons, their training and health care, all the local logistics, that it designs tactics and determines strategies, that it organizes war operations, and local attacks against civilian populations, as well as the destroying of infrastructures including schools, hospitals, power plants, water supplies, mass killings aimed at Muslim non-believers, and the plundering of local resources, including agricultural and oil resources - a list that is also far from complete.

These terrorists will be recruited among the poorest segments of population, mainly from Muslim countries, but also from Western or Asian countries, from backgrounds that are economically, mentally and culturally destroyed. They will be subjected to indoctrination by networks of Qatari and Saudi preachers set up and directed by the said complex of special services, and brain-washed into fanatical human machines capable of mass-killing.

Madame Dominique Bons’
organization sort of ensures a follow-up on the mentoring of terrorists after their active period in Syria, whether they have survived and come back, or disappeared - in which case it is their families that are subjected to mentoring.

Indeed, there are many vital and varied necessities in the mentoring of the terrorists and their families after their active period in Syria: they may be made aware of what really happened, from information sources that bypass the disinformation system of governments, such as the Internet site I manage - <>, on which this letter is posted; they might be asked to make public statements disclosing the identities of their sponsors, including the official French authorities; People’s Committees could be created, with the aim of speaking out against such goings-on; a wide-ranging tide of opinion could be developed against such operations; the terrorists might be made to revolt against their sponsors, when and if they realize they have been manipulated, abused, despised, denied and sacrificed as individual human beings; and finally they might seek revenge, or they might be manipulated and their persuasion reversed by the services that are opposed to the Western side.

Ergo, Madame Dominique Bons’
organization is fully inscribed within the complex of organizations which manufacture terrorism; it is therefore a terrorist organization per se, as are those which are on the field and deal with the transportation, training, equipment, medical care, etc., of terrorists.

Therefore I request that you initiate legal proceedings against Madame Dominique Bons and charge her with
organizing mass terrorism, and, consequently, with committing a crime against humanity.

Please be informed that any non-action or patent refusal on your side will automatically entail my deferring the case before the European Court of the Rights of Man, as it is well known that you take directives from the French government, which organizes terrorism and sponsors Madame Domonique Bon’s
organization, a mere pawn if there was ever one, and as it is also widely known that anti-terrorism judges are but sidekicks of the government, so that it is totally illusory on my part to expect my right to justice to be taken into account in France - unless you display surprising initiative and enterprise.

Please be informed as well that I will petition with other independent international courts of justice besides the European Court of Justice, and that this procedure will also be an opportunity to give rise to the creation of a planetary Supreme Court of Justice independent from the Western powers.

Begging you to accept my most respectful salutations,


(1) The name of this organization is a play on words, as “Syrien” (Syrian) and “si rien” (if nothing) sound the same in French, so that the underlying meaning is: “If nothing moves, let us act.”