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Revelations about the french NGO the MRAP (Movement against racism and in favor of friendship between peoples)

Written communication to the Chairman of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations)



Michel Dakar

Paris, on February the 4th, 2010

To the Attention of:

His Excellency, Mister Ambassador Hamidon Ali,
President of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
One United Nations Plaza
Room DC 1 – 1480
New York NY 10017


Written communication to the Chairman of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the UN) as regards MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples = Movement against Racism and in Favor of Friendship between Peoples), a French non-government organization that has enjoyed a consultative status with ECOSOC since 1974.

Your Excellency, Mister President,

I call your attention to the real purpose of MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples = Movement against Racism and in Favor of Friendship between Peoples), the French NGO, whose proclaimed object is but a front concealing its real purpose, which is exactly the opposite. MRAP takes part in the work of ECOSOC as a consultative member.

1 – The Real Origin of MRAP

The actual origin of MRAP is to be found in the American Zionist Jewish organizations that were formed at the beginning of the 20th century in order to urge the Jewish populations in Europe to emigrate in Palestine and settle there.

In 1913 there appeared in the USA a Jewish organization called ADL (Anti Defamation League). As its name indicates, the real purpose of that organization - that is Jewish settling and colonization in Palestine - was concealed behind a moralistic defense of the American Jewish community. It must be noted that the “Palestinian Bureau”, whose aim was to buy land for Jewish settlements, was created in 1908, as well as the “Land Development Company”, in order to assist with money the Jewish colonial settlements in Palestine.

In 1922, Palestine passed from Turkish to British rule, as a consequence of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the German defeat of 1918, as the Turkish Empire had been an ally of Germany during the First World War.

In 1927, the Jewish organization LICA (Ligue contre l’antisémitisme = League Against Anti-Semitism) was constituted in France and, under cover of fighting against moral attacks against Jewish people, that organization has in fact been used to promote Jewish colonial emigration to Palestine. It must be noted that as early as 1929 it began to be impossible to overlook the consequences of the Jewish colonial immigration for the native Arabic population, as there erupted violent anti-colonialist riots.

In 1947, pressured by American Zionist Jewish organizations, the UN adopted its plan for the partition of Palestine. At that time the UN was constituted of 60 countries only.

In 1948, 800 000 Arab Palestinians were terrorized out of their land by the Jewish Zionist organizations, which then operated huge-scale massacres, as in the village of Deir Yassin, in which the whole population was annihilated. It must be noted that the World Memorial for the Shoah, the Yad Vashem Center, commemorating the Jewish genocide by the Nazis, was erected within the boundaries of the Deir Yassim lands.

MRAP was founded in France in 1949. This organization, the stated aim of which is to fight against racism, is in fact an extension of the Zionist LICA. MRAP was put into being by one of LICA’s leaders, Charles Palant, who then was MRAP’s general secretary for 20 years. The current president of LICA is a Frenchman of Arab origin, Mouloud Aounit, who has been in function for 20 years.

In 1979, the French LICA (Ligue contre l’antisémitisme = League Against Anti-Semitism) officially changed its name and became LICRA (Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme = League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism). It must be noted that Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978.

Concealing their actual aims of colonial invasion and total suppression of the native population has been a patent and steadfast objective of the Zionist Jewish organizations since the implementation of the Zionist plan in Palestine.

In France, the Western power that harbors the largest proportion of people of Arab and Muslim origin, such dissembling is a case in point.

What it is all about, there, is to thwart any and every opposition of the French Arab population to the colonial invasion of an Arab and Muslim land, so much so that the Zionist plan explicitly calls for a wholesale eradication of the native population of Palestine, an eradication which, in international law, must be labeled a genocide - a crime against humanity.

MRAP is one of the organizations that have been put up by the Zionist Jewish organizations in order to rein in the opposition to the Palestinian genocide in France.

The real aim of MRAP is unavowable, since it is none other than genocide and racism. This is why, in order to conceal that aim, MRAP has chosen such a heading (to fight against racism and in favor of friendship between peoples), the exact reverse of its actual purpose, and why it is headed by a man of Arab origin, who is a mere straw man, a prête-nom for the Zionist Jewish organizations.

2 – What is currently the activity of MRAP?

In December 2008 and January 2009, Israel attempted to invade the immense Gaza concentration zone, containing circa one million and a half Palestinians that had been driven out of their land since 1948, and submitted to an appalling blockade which shall in the long run have fatal humanitarian consequences over that population. On that occasion, the Israeli army used chemical weapons and uranium-charged ammunition. Since then, Israel has strived to throttle food and medical supplies to what is arguably the biggest concentration and extermination camp in the whole history of humanity. This is genocide.

At the end of 2009, MRAP published a 154 page report, the title of which was “Internet, a stake in the fight against racism”. This document is but a way of registering all those in France who really oppose the Palestine genocide.

In that document MRAP declares that Zionism is merely a current like any other in political thought, and publicly denies its exceptional character, although it is actually based, intrinsically, on racism and genocide.

Page 8 of 154

‘’1.1.2 Terms that are not to be confused. A few definitions Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

Zionism is a political ideology, such as Basque or Breton nationalism, or socialism or Christian democracy. Exactly like those, it has numerous variants. Like any political ideology, it may arouse sympathy, indifference or opposition, the latter two attitudes not being racist a priori, although their exponents are often accused of racism, in the same way that the adversaries of the French Communist Party have been accused of being enemies of the working classes.”

In that very same document, MRAP kept up the dissembling about the real aim of American Zionist Jewish organizations:

Page 45 of 154

‘’ Licra-ized France (Anne Kling)

LICRA (Ligue contre le racism et l’antisémitisme = League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism) is one of the oldest anti-racist organizations in France.
Http// / It is considered nowadays as being much more right-wing that MRAP and, in contra-distinction to the latter, supports Israeli policy.”

“96 - http// United-States organization for fighting against Anti-Semitism”

It must be pointed out that, in France, MRAP has been a guide for repressive justice, and that for the political police in France its report thus constitutes a vade mecum as regards persecution aimed at those who oppose the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. This report succeeded in being a listing both of arguments and of the targets that must be put down.

3 – General Modes of Dissembling about the Real Aim of MRAP

It must be noted that MRAP’s undertaking of concealing its real nature spreads over several fields.

MRAP conceals its actual origin by claiming it comes from resistance to Nazism.

MRAP makes a great show of launching denunciations and proceedings against organizations and individuals that show an inordinate, caricature-like racism against Arabs and Muslims - this in order to muddle a true understanding of its real function.

It must be noted that such individuals and organizations are always manipulated behind the scenes by Zionist organizations, - when they are not mere cogs of the said Zionist organizations.

By the same logic, MRAP denounces Zionist exactions in Palestine.

The Zionist organizations make a great show of publicly attacking MRAP as being biased in favor of Arabs and Muslims, but this is only in order to throw confusion over a true understanding of its actual function.

I hope that this letter may bring some light on the real purpose of one of the organizations that collaborate with the Economic and Social Council you chair, Mister President, and beg your Excellency to receive of my respectful greetings.

This letter is to be soon translated into English.
This letter can be accessed at the following Web address:

MRAP’s report can be read/downloaded at the following Web address: