Michel DAKAR

Paris, on June 17th, 2010

International Registered Letter with Request of Acknowledgment of Receipt

Common letter to:

Mr. Eric Schmidt, GOOGLE’s Chairman of the Board and CEO
1600 Amphitheater Park Way
CA 94043 USA

Mr. Michael SNOW, WIKIMEDIA’s Chairman of the Board
WIKIMEDIA Foundation
PO Box 78350
CA 94107 USA

Dears Sirs,

This request of information is addressed to you both, Mr. Eric Schmidt and Mr. Michael SNOW, and pertains to the content of your respective publications, GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA

As you are each legally and morally responsible for these publications, it follows that you both are the rightful recipients of this common letter.

I have come to the conclusion that your publications share a common editorial line; this is why I send to each of you a copy of a common letter.

Let me tell you a few simple facts about myself: I am committed to political research about Law in general and its application.

Among other things, I concern myself with the Middle East and the colonists that have settled there, the so-called State of Israel.

I so happens that I noted that by entering my name and first name between quotes on GOOGLE’s site, one obtains a listing of 750 uncensored files (out of 6,000 files so registered) and about 350 censored files, which amounts to about a third of the files listed.

In addition, as regards Wikipedia, my name can be found in the ‘‘Ginette Hess Sandrani’’ folder, in which I am called an ‘‘ex neo-Nazi’’. Let me recall here that one of the principles laid down in Wikipedia’s charter is that all published data can be checked.

Would it be a breach of manners in my insignificant self, to beg for information and communication from your two gigantic worldwide organizations, with a combined power that may be computed in billions of dollars and a profit in hundreds of millions?

1 – As regards GOOGLE: I request to be informed on what precise grounds the public at large is barred from accessing a third of the documents that concern me, and I ask that the precise IDs and coordinates of the person or persons who are at the origin of such censorship be communicated to me.

2 – As regard Wikipedia: I request to be informed of the material elements of proof supporting the assertion that I am ‘‘an ex neo Nazi’’, and to know the precise IDs and coordinates that will enable me to contact all the people who collaborated to the publication of such ‘information’.

It seems to me that it would be perfectly legitimate that such data be communicated to me.

I hope you realize that these common editorial lines make your respective publications GOOGLE and Wikipedia appear as (camouflaged) governmental organs of propaganda and psychological warfare practicing anonymous mass disinformation and libel, in charge of disseminating rumors worldwide in all languages.

Waiting for this information before I submit my case to organizations that defend civil rights in the United States, as well as in other countries of the little planet which we share, I beg you to receive my best regards, Messrs Presidents Schmidt and Snow, of GOOGLE and Wikipedia.

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Lettre adressée aux présidents de GOOGLE et de WIKIMEDIA, aux USA, concernant leurs censures et diffusions d'allégations mensongères, susceptibles de faire qualifier GOOGLE et WIKIMEDIA d'organes de propagandes gouvernementaux cachés, en charge de la désinformation, de la diffamation anonymes de masse, de la guerre psychologique, et de répandre des rumeurs dans toutes les langues et au niveau mondial :