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It is now quite obvious for most of us that the terrorist acts(whether perpetrated in Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, London, Egypt or elsewhere) that have succeeded one another since September 2001 - not excluding 9/11 - are to be attributed to Western and Israeli secrets services

Most of us now understand clearly that the aim of these terrorist acts is to establish a state of emergency, a state of siege, a state of exception - whatever you call it - which will foster the loss of every liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of denouncing the worldwide totalitarian dictatorship what is being gradually established in the world.

There is still time to react and organize, so as to publicly denounce the real culprits who slaughter and terrorize the people, i.e. the powers that be; and we must do it while there is still time.

It is time to point the finger at the Sarkozys, at the 'anti-terrorist' judges such as Justice Bruguière and at all the DST, DGSE and DPDS agents of the same ilk to whom our 'protection' is entrusted, all those in France who openly collude to establish the avowed totalitarian state that is to be.

How to react when faced with this very real machination may for instance take shape by means of interlinked or independent committees and may, among other forms, evolve into demonstrations, petitions and public declarations,

We must all feel involved, whatever our political ties or opinions.

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