Open letter to the French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe concerning a serious attack on the State and the Constitution by elected officials from his own region of Le Havre.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe
Hotel Matignon
57, rue de Varenne
75007 Paris

Mr. Prime Minister,

I regret to inform you of facts before the Assize Court, the penalties incurred being 15 years' criminal imprisonment and a fine of 225,000 euros, incriminating two elected officials from your own region of Le Havre, with whom you, as Mayor of Le Havre, have collaborated within several local bodies.

These facts seriously undermine the State and the Constitution.

I am obliged to refer to your authority because my alerts at local and regional level have not been heard.

They are the President of the Caux Vallée de Seine Urban Community, Mr Jean-Claude Weiss, and the Mayor of the new Commune of Rives-en-Seine, Mr Bastien Coriton.

These two persons, during proceedings at the Administrative Court of Rouen against them, produced several forgeries in public writings, several forgeries of testimony, and several witness bribes.

These crimes and misdemeanours were committed with the aim of misleading the judges of the Tribunal.

In addition:

- The Agglomeration Community falsified the judgment rendered by the judges, by giving a written interpretation that invents its content.

- The Communauté d'Agglomération used its municipal police force to intimidate me, setting up an opportunity to have it intervene at my home.

- The local police force stops taking my information. I had to contact its regional hierarchical authority, outside the Agglomeration Community.

- The Agglomeration Community introduced elements outside the procedure, in order to persuade the judges that being a politically critical individual, I should not be heard, and therefore the law should not have applied to me.

The judges indirectly, but explicitly, acknowledged in their order the reality of forgeries.

An extract from the order relating to one of the forgeries and the associated forgery is attached.

I am publishing this case because without the eyes of all, it will not be taken into consideration.

An area outside the Constitution has developed, which is the territory on which the Caux Vallée de Seine Urban Community reigns.

Please accept, Mr. Minister, the expression of my respectful greetings.


Documentation :

- Copy of an extract from the order of 14 June 2018 of the Administrative Court of Rouen.

- Copy of a falsified document, corresponding to an underlined part of the content of the extract from the order (absence of a summons = making a false summons, false testimony, all of which, recorded in memoirs, constitute forgeries in public writing committed by public authorities in the performance of their duties)