The time of the broken mirror

The time of the broken mirror, the time of the herd with punctured eyes, the era of capitalo-shoahism.

Division and confusion reign over the opposition to ziono-capitalism system that dominates the world, as well as a state of superficiality reigns upon struggles against this system.

There are those who struggle for equality; but on a mitigate form, enfeebled, soothing, called social rights, instead of the only valid equality, effective in goods and power, an equality in goods and power that alone authorizes equality in rights.

There are those who deal with Palestine and its zionist genocide, but without confronting judaïsm itself, and reinforcing it even, and thus reinforcing religion in general, and all other religions, the goal of religion being to legitimate inequality, and oppression of a majority by a minority, or denial of right, that is the reign of pure force.

There are those who deal with any other kind of struggle, but without touching the lobby among the lobbies, the unspeakable lobby, this lobby being the cornerstone for the whole lot of them lobbies, whole lot of lobbies incorporating into the current structure for the sitting Caste of The Power.

There are those who are obsessed by the unspeakable lobby, without realizing that it's only one of those stones that build the oppressive arch of the general prison where the population of the world finds itself locked in.

Why no link between these struggles ?

Judeo-zionism acts as an ideology destroying social and spiritual links that exist among individuals of the oppressed population.

It even shatters the inner global representation among each individuals, global representation that alone allows to perceive reality.

Judeo-zionism prevents opponents to this dominant system to both unite, and to understand this system against which they struggle. Only this global representation would permit opponents to find a way to overthrow that system.

Judeo-zionism acts simultaneously as the binder of different lobbies and individuals composing the caste of power of this system, and as the solvent of the oppressed matter, reducing this mass into an array of dislocated individuals; isolated and solitary, hostile even to one another, rendered harmless, that way.

The principle of this solvent and biding capacity is the new dominant religion, reaching thus state-religion status, unique, while other religions are just becoming screens for this one : Shoahism.

It is why it is so well defended, and it is why those who confront it are so few, are so mercilessly persecuted.

The continuation of the current oppressive system resides entirely in the continuation of Shoahism, and it is now looking clear that this system endangers the continuation of life itself on the planet.