A statement by the originator of the <aredam.net> Website


There is a total World War going on and it is but at its moment of slack.


Preamble: In total warfare the vanquished has to be utterly destroyed - there can be no armistice or surrender, and the only possible outcome is a total, drastic and final annihilation of the enemy.  


A slack is the time of day when a flood or a tide subsides; there is neither ebb nor flow; the body of water is at a standstill, in perfect equilibrium.


This is precisely the moment that has been reached in the total World war unleashed by UIE (USA-Israel-Europe) in order to permanently ensure its dominion over mankind.


The UIE alliance cannot engage a people’s army; indeed the very few who run it are cut from their own people and from its vital creative energy ; they even consider their people as a principal and primary enemy.


UIE can only have recourse to venal and depraved mercenaries or fanatical brutes indoctrinated by Wahhabi Islamic groups - or to else warring robots.


Strategically, this is heading UIE towards its ruin, for its ruling classes - being out of touch with the masses - shall inescapably become intellectually feebler and feebler, wheras war is won by clever means and not by mere brute force.


In a diametrically opposite fashion, the forces facing UIE mercenaries are popular forces, even though these are often ferociously exploited by their rulers. There is a simple reason for that: the populations that fight UIE have to be solid with their own ruling classes, for they are aware that UIE’s victory would immensely aggravate their situation. Indeed, in the UIE camp, the split between the elite and the masses has become such that the masses see no motivation in sacrificing their lives in order to ensure everlasting domination by their ruling classes, even though UIE’s victory would - for a time -maintain their relative material comfort.


The split and opposition between ruling classes and popular masses in UIE is such that the current total World war – and this is the absolute first in the whole history of Mankind – is even hidden from UIE’s own population by UIE’s propaganda and disinformation devices, the central objective of which is to maintain unawareness of the World situation and the true nature of UIE’s political regimes among UIE’s popular masses.


For all these reasons, the author of this statement has no doubt that UIE shall lose this war, and that the actual events in Syria were entirely predictable.


I never had the slightest doubt - and this from the start - about the failure of the destruction of Syria by the mercenaries and fanaticized soldiers sent by UIE.


As of June 2013, this time of slack constitutes a unique moment in the course of the Total World War that was unleashed by UIE’s ruling class at the beginning of the 1990’s. This is a moment of historical proportions in all of the human history - probably one of the most important moments, arguably the most important, of all its history.


Now we must expect shortly to witness various events that will derive from the onset of that defeat.


Here are a few of those which first come to mind:


The end of the sanctuarisation of UIE’s territory (I do not take any account of the sham terrorist acts which are constantly and intensively organized by UIE’s secret services, such as 9/11 in the US, which witnessed the beginning of such practice, and the recent events in Toulouse and Montauban, in France, or in Boston, in the U.S.A., or in London and Paris).


We shall witness a world-wide hunt of the people who are responsible for this war – a hunt of the soldiers on the field as well as of those who design and relay propaganda and lies, or organize or work for this war in any way; for such people, the notions of refuge, asylum, amnesty, repentance, oblivion, forgiveness shall be obliterated forever.


We shall witness the initial defections and about-faces of the early traitors – those who hope temporarily to survive by serving the adverse camp.


We shall witness the first social upheavals on a truly huge scale and the first really brutal mass repressions in the UIE, and these will be caused by the gradual loss to access of energy, mining and food resources and to the tilting of the global center of gravity of the world economy from the UIE to the Asian-Russian complex and its allies.


We shall witness the revenge of populations in areas historically laminated by UIE, namely in Arab, African, South-American and Asian countries.


Written by Michel Dakar, a member of UIE’s popular masses, at Villequier, France, on the 8th of June 2013


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