A message in a bottle sent to all dissidents in the Globe


This is a reflection paper on the present world situation. It is primarily targeted at the dissidents of the Oriental bloc, which, as we know, is involved in resistance against the Zionist-American bloc. It is an obvious fact that the World is now divided into two blocs.

The hope of the author is that this article will build up an international network of dissidents.

This text was written by a French resident who deeply disagrees with the policies of Zionist-American bloc.

There is no doubt that the geographic center of power of the Zionist-American bloc is in the USA.

On a sociological level, the Zionist-American bloc is compounded of two strata: the first stratum is formed of the virtual slaves, or pseudo-citizens in its own population; the second stratum is its power caste, comprised on the one hand of those who belong to its military industrial cluster, an aggregation of disparate individuals united by economic and administrative interests in the war activity, and on the other hand of a homogeneous population joined together by a supremacist, tight-knit, and xenophobic cultural and religious impregnation, i.e. the Jews. There exists another geographical subset of populations that can be added to this bloc, to wit the populations of Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. Israel may be considered as an integral part of the central territory of the USA.

The bloc involved in resistance against the Zionist-American bloc - which we will designate as the Oriental bloc - consists mainly of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, a fraction of Lebanon, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea, and Vietnam. India and Brazil may eventually join.

It must be noted that in both blocs population management has become the exclusive affair of the secret political police. What is termed the political class in the Zionist-American bloc has become a mere managing group, the main task of which is to perpetuate a simulacrum of democracy.

The rest of the world is nothing but an operational area, laid bare to exploitation and ravage by the Zionist-American bloc.

The leaders of the Zionist-American bloc have one war aim: the dismemberment of the nations constituting the Oriental bloc - primarily Russia, China and Iran - in order to achieve absolute world domination.

It must be noted that the peoples of the Oriental bloc stand behind their leaders against the menace from the Zionist-American bloc; conversely, the population of the Zionist-American bloc is completely cut off from its ruling class.

1 – The present world situation

For the first time since the Soviet Union melt down, which occurred twenty years ago, the world conquest undertaken by the West has met with a check.

And that check is taking place in Syria.

It is also the first time that the two blocs face each other in a war for organic survival and not merely for political and/or economical supremacy over the World.

It is a fact that there are no sufficient reserves of vital planetary resources to sate the greediness of the Zionist-American bloc. Moreover, critical energy reserves (oil, gas and uranium) are soon going to be depleted, while we see an uninterrupted growth of the World population.

All this is coupled with the consequences of climate warming, which are felt more and more every year, and are essentially due to the modern way of living, based on mass production and technological advances, a way of living which was created and imposed to the rest of the World by the Zionist-American bloc.

The global food production decreases every year, sometimes drastically, as was the case in 2012.

We are inexorably going toward a global food shortage; meanwhile, world population is growing irrepressibly and at a steady pace.

We must also keep in mind the fact that the so-far-unequalled level of the World’s cereal production - the basic staples of mankind – has only been made possible thanks to a mechanized and chemical agriculture that is wholly oil-dependent.

Moreover, because of the over-exploitation of land by industrial agriculture, all the world’s arable lands are almost totally degraded, and can only yield crops through the use of chemical inputs, which again come from oil. Therefore, the closer we get to the depletion of oil reserves, the closer we get to World famine.

And all this will not happen in a few dozen years; it is only a few years away.

Such are the reasons for the current acceleration of the war between the two blocs, which can be witnessed in the Middle-East. It is a known fact that the Middle-East has about 60% of the World’s oil reserves.

From now on, the World will never know a single day of peace.

2 – The concrete consequences in international law of the future partitioning of the Globe into two blocs.

Those consequences will be:

The establishment of a federation of free nations breaking free from and opposed to the Zionist-American bloc, and their withdrawing from the UN, which anyway are wholly under the thumb of Zionist-American agents.

The creation of a set of international Courts of Justice entitled to prosecute, judge and sentence - and deliver international warrants of arrest against - those responsible for the war waging of the Zionist-American bloc.

The creation of a set of international organisations working to defend individuals, eager to escape the grip of those organisations that are currently active, which are mere propaganda agencies for the Zionist-American bloc and help it legitimize its wars of conquest: namely Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Human Rights Federation.

The establishment of an international relief organisation comparable to the International Red Cross, since, in a similar fashion, the Red Cross has merely become one of the bodies of the Zionist-American bloc, as evidenced by its collusion with American authorities in the camps of Afghanistan and Guantanamo.

The creation of a new independent global international communication network, which will include the Internet and telephone and television services, and stay “tight” and independent from the existing one, which is under control of the Zionist-American bloc.

The creation of a new international Charter for defending the rights of individuals and of the Free Confederated Nations, to replace the 1948 UN Charter which is used as a forum for the war-mongering talk of the Zionist-American bloc.

The establishment of an international Court of Justice empowered to receive complaints from individuals against states for infringement of their individual rights.

The enactment of a special set of international laws penalizing the misuse of the defense of the rights of individuals for the purposes of wars of conquest, such as is currently done by the above-mentioned organisations of the Zionist-American bloc (AI, HRW, FIDH), so that the responsible people of these organisations may be brought before the International Court of Justice, seized and repressed.

The establishment of an international criminal code including special articles dedicated to enforcing penalties on the war-mongering propaganda spread by humanitarian aid and human rights defense organisations.

3 – A particularly important future consequence of the partitioning of the World.

The whole construction of current international law derives from the findings of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg, which centered on the genocide of 6 million European Jews in the Nazi gas chambers.

These findings shall be challenged when the Globe is partitioned into two distinct entities, for then there shall no longer be a Zionist dominance within the new entity.

Worldwide broadcasting of the challenge of the findings of the Nuremburg International Military Tribunal will be a sign that a point of no return has been reached between the two blocs. Such a break will be irreversible, for the Jewish population shall then have to prevent at any price that knowledge of this challenge be widespread within the population of the Zionist-American bloc.

For the Jewish people, there is a vital need to forbid forever any challenging of the findings of the Nuremburg International Military Tribunal. That is their sole motivation for pushing to the very end the war of conquest led by the Zionist-American bloc.

4 – The apple is ripe and is ready to fall.

The states of mental health of the Zionist-American bloc and of the Oriental bloc are revealed by the respective characteristics of their propagandas.

In the Zionist-American bloc, propaganda is characterized by its unceasing and extreme repetitiveness. The unsavory repetition of a few rare themes – in which nobody believes any longer within that bloc – such as democracy, liberty, the rights of man, and a few slogans (like the slogan that is currently used about the situation in Syria: ‘‘Bashar must go”) prove that inventiveness, creativity and intelligence have deserted them, and also that active commitment to that bloc’s defense only attracts second rate public figures.

The propaganda of the Zionist-American bloc is fundamentally illogical and confused. Any kind of propaganda indeed can be defined by its target, in other words by the people to whom it is aimed in order to fashion their opinion. In this case, we are compelled to note that nobody knows to what people that propaganda is aimed. Could it be aimed at the population of the Zionist-American bloc? If it be so, it is an error of the greatest magnitude. For that population is a unique example in human history, that of a group of persons that is no longer a society, and cannot be called such, but is merely a set of individuals who have become isolated from one another and are almost entirely depoliticized through the use of the antique method of panem et circenses favoured by the Romans, and compounded by the extravagant use of the media and of electronics. Is it possible to call upon ‘‘dead souls’’? People who are totally deaf to anything that lies outside the boundaries of their own pleasure-giving organs (the famed ‘‘Western consumers’’), and whom anyway it is not necessary to convince – as they are convinced already - of the necessity of laying bare the whole planet and the whole universe and eradicating all other populations but theirs in order to cater to their artificial survival? Does one care about a population of zombies, of living dead, of ectoplasms, of lobotomized individuals?

Could it be that the originators of this propaganda think it can influence the Oriental bloc leaders’ vision of the World?

Unless - and this is our conclusion – their propaganda has become its own target.

This means that the estrangement between the power wheel of the Zionist-American bloc and the rest of the World has become so broad that the former can no longer draw up any communication - even though flawed and vitiated as all propaganda, but still a communication - aimed at its enemies, that is to say both its own serf (i.e. non-Jewish) population and the populations and leaders of the Oriental bloc.

Such a propaganda would aim to give forever reassurance about the justness of its cause, about the legitimacy of its existence, and its very content would lay bare the fact that Zionist-Americans power feels – and justly so – totally hated and rejected by the whole of mankind.

We would then witness an extremely rare case in the history of Man, that of a caste (the supporters of the military and industrial complex plus the Jews) excluding themselves from humanity at a global level, or excluding Mankind from the right of existing - in a kind of reverse ostracism.

This calls for a quick and easy computation.

Is it – as numbers go – possible that about twenty million individuals exploit and exterminate about 7 billion people?

Knowing that they can only act through mercenaries (or even through robots, the so-called ‘drones’), and by dividing populations and inflaming inter-ethnic hatred (as is currently the case in Syria).

The features emerging from the propaganda of the Oriental bloc are those one can detect in any propaganda. We might say that they are normal and healthy, considering what propaganda is like.

Conclusion :

It is clear that the war between blocs has just begun.

For the author of this paper, it is also clear that the worst-case outcome would be a victory of the Zionist-American bloc, and that such a victory would be disastrous for all mankind, except, of course, for the score million or so dehumanized and degenerate individuals who would benefit from such a victory.

The planet is caught up in a situation in which we shall witness, in the long run, a physical breach in its continuity; it shall be separated into two parts; by as impenetrable a barrier as was the iron curtain during the cold war.

We are probably living the last times when it is still possible to circulate information from one bloc to the other.

Some countries of the Oriental bloc are already taking measures in order to block out any possibility of electronic intrusion from the Zionist-American bloc, and are implementing their own autonomous communication means, breaking all ties with the World Wide Web.

However, we must consider that momentous event – the partitioning of the World and the war between blocs - as a mere wrinkle in the history of Earth, which is over-populated by a pest species and whose vital resources are almost depleted.

This paper is merely an attempt to forge links with other thinkers of the Oriental bloc.

For it is a fact that in this our bloc where we live even the weak opponents who appeared to have escaped the secret political police have all but disappeared, and that the very few who are still stirring are but sham figures – like all the pseudo politicos who strut and posture and pass for the real thing – mere puppets deprived of a deep and comprehensive vision, when they are not agents doubles laboring for the political police.

This paper, written in French and translated into English, is a message thrown into the sea in a bottle. It sometimes happens that such a message is read by a person of quality. It is extremely rare, but on this I found my hope.

Michel Dakar, Villequier, France, on the 18th of August 2012

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